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The original Maxi Mover - low floor 3.5T Luton van sales

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                  The Mover September 2019                                                                                                                                    


                Why Americans are Moving Less   


Why Americans are moving less and less

Why Amercans are Moving Less Austin Winner, a PR consultant working on behalf of Allied Van Lines, looks at why Americans are staying put these days.

Welcome to Chicago! – IAM Convention 2019

Mark Oakeshott and his daughters Mark Oakeshott, Mark Oakeshott Consulting LLC, welcomes visitors to IAM (International Association of Movers) in his adopted home town.

Brexit: Storms in Channel, Continent isolated

BREXIT A personal opinion, by Deputy Editor, David Jordan

K2 - taking away the burden

It was back in 2002 when K2’s new Chief Operating Officer Rob McFarland first met its founders - Nick Plummer and Richard Rutledge - and became one of their early clients. Rob was working as a global mobility manager for an international law firm which demanded the highest standards of service.

The 21st European Self Storage Conference and Trade Show comes to London

The 21st European Self Storage Conference & Trade Show comes to London ​An interview with Self Storage Association CEO, Rennie Schafer, about the upcoming European Conference and Trade Show to be held in London, October 1 – 2.

Making a difference

Jim Thompson in his study at Woodhouse An interview with Jim Thompson at Woodhouse in County Waterford, his Irish country home, by Steve Jordan

The Dance

The Dance Sometimes life bowls you a bouncer. Something you don’t expect and could never plan for. Here’s a short story from The Mover’s editor, Steve Jordan, about a life event that made him think. It will make you think too.


The White & Co Mystery Mover

Congratulations to David Trenchard of Britannia Leatherbarrows for spotting Steve Webb last month, the editor of the Removals & Storage magazine until 2005. But who could this dapper gentleman be? If you know you stand a chance of winning the White and Company Black and Red watch.


          White & Co Mystery Mover



Cost of moving home in UK hits record high

reallymoving.comAccording to’s annual Cost of Moving research released on 12 September, the cost of moving home in the UK has hit a record high of £10,414 in 2019, meaning homeowners buying and selling a property are having to dig deeper than ever before.

Burke Bros trains its own HGV drivers

Burke Bros HGV Driver training June 2019 Tom Asprey, Chris Davies, Steve Ball and Amir CullenAs the removals and transport industry contend with the increasing shortage of HGV drivers, West Midlands-based Burke Bros Moving Group has created its own solution to the skills shortage and decided to grow its own talent.

UK house prices still climbing ahead of Brexit

House prices risingAnnual growth in house prices in England and Wales will reach 3.1% in September and 2.8% in October, the highest level seen since November 2018, according to the reallymoving House Price Forecast released today, as buyers race to complete deals before the Brexit deadline of 31 October.

White & Company adds six Maxi Mover vans to its fleet

White & Company adds six MaxiMover vans to its fleetWhite & Company has recently added six lightweight Maxi Mover Luton vans to its large fleet of removals vehicles.

Will UK citizens be able to move to Europe after Brexit?

For moving companies in the UK to continue operating their European services it’s essential that UK nationals have the right to live and work elsewhere in the European Union.

Luxfords joins the Doree Bonner Group

Luxfords joins the Doree Bonner GroupDoree Bonner International Group has announced that UK mover, Luxfords of Weybridge, joined the organisation on 2 September, 2019.

Nathalie Lagae joins American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium

Nathalie Lagae Nathalie Lagae, Global Services Consultant at Altair Global, has been accepted as a member of the Human Resources Committee for the American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium.

New essential information for UK hauliers driving to the EU after 31 October, 2019

UK hauliers and commercial drivers who operate in the EU will need new documents if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

New measures to boost UK home ownership

Robert Jenrick MPA package of measures to help people in the UK on lower incomes get onto the housing ladder was unveiled by Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick MP on 28 August.

Scania adds a 540 hp version to its 13-litre engine range

Scania adds a 540 hp version to its 13-litre engine range  Scania’s range of 13-litre inline six-cylinder engines has now been complemented by a 540 hp version.

The new ‘Bishop’s Bag’ for office moves

Bishops Bag In response to the trend towards more agile working and the increased use of office lockers, Bishop’s Move is now offering its corporate clients ‘Locker Bags’ as an alternative, or as a supplement to the traditional crate-based move.


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The original Maxi Mover - low floor luton van sales
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Makes you think

There are a few stories in this month’s magazine that made me think.  Take a look at the Brexit story on page eight written by my brother David, for example.  We have stayed quiet about Brexit for a long time because nobody had the faintest idea what was going on and I saw no point in adding to the speculation.  But now, as B-Day approaches (again), we have broken our silence, mainly for our overseas friends who constantly ask what we think about it. 



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