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Banksman lighting helps improve safety

May 09, 2018
Banksman lighting from Labcraft provides additional bright, white light around the vehicle to areas which conventional reversing lights cannot reach.

Banksman lighting helps improve safetyIt is suitable for any vehicle required to work in areas of darkness or poor light and is simple to install - either to pre-registered vehicles, as ‘standard’, or for retrofitting to an existing fleet.  The system can be installed to illuminate when in reverse only, or when both reversing and in forward motion up to 10km/hr.

The system accommodates various chassis heights to ensure that the light spread is optimised for each individual vehicle. The lights are made from tough polycarbonate with strengthened lenses to protect the LEDs and have a 5-year warranty.  The system is compliant with all relevant regulations.

The company claims that the Banksman lights reduce personal injury and damage while reducing downtime and keeping staff and the public safe. 

Visit for more information.

Photo: The Banksman lighting system provides additional light for operating in poor light

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