Masons Moving Group invests £160k in first phase of improvements

May 09 | 2018

Masons Moving Group has completed the first of a three-phase investment programme to modernise and improve facilities at its Cardiff headquarters.

This first phase saw £160k of investment aimed at reducing the company’s impact on the environment and improving the wellbeing of its staff.

The improvements include the building of a new bespoke modular unit with facilities dedicated to drivers’ needs such as a rest room including showers, a kitchenette space with facilities for making tea and coffee, as well as a rest area, a briefing zone with an improved communications board and a new locker room. A disabled facilities access and a special toilet/restroom facility with disabled access was also constructed in compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act.

Next came the introduction of a new fuel management system to run alongside the company’s Moveman system, allowing the team at Masons to better monitor fuel efficiency. The project entailed reducing the ground level adjacent to the building and constructing a new 175mm reinforced concrete slab to accommodate a 12,000-litre fuel storage tank from which vehicles are refuelled.

o improve the company’s eco-footprint Masons has also installed an Underground Interceptor System for washing its vehicles. The new system catches wastewater and recycles it back into the system which is then treated on site in a way that is environmentally friendly. The work entailed the excavation of a pit 3.5m long and 2.5m wide and 4m deep for the installation of the interceptor. 

Cardiff-based, S.A.S Building contractors were brought in to do all the foundation and drainage works for the new modular building, the fuel management system slab and the excavation and installation of the interceptor. The work took eight weeks.

Gordon Mason, Director said, “These upgrades at the Masons Moving Group, demonstrate the dedication of the Group to its ongoing innovation, improvement and growth plans, ensuring that Masons remains one of the leaders in the Welsh removals industry.”

Photo: Gordon Mason overseeing the installation of the interceptor.

Gordon Mason overseeing the installation of the interceptor