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Just a scratch?

May 16, 2018
A new guide from the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) has cleared up confusion over fork lift truck fair wear and tear.

The FLTA is advising businesses using rented fork lift trucks to take good care of them. Failure to do so, it warns, places them at risk of large end-of-contract repair bills. However, confusion over what constitutes ‘fair wear and tear’ is a long-standing issue for the industry.

FLTA Chief Executive Peter Harvey MBE explained. “Disagreements between customers and dealers can quickly lead to costly court cases and damaged reputations all around. At the end of a typical five-year contract, some degree of deterioration is expected. But, as you would expect when using a leased car, any damage caused by carelessness or neglect – be it a hole in a seat or a cracked mirror – must be paid for.”

Fair wear and tear?The FLTA advises that ‘fair wear and tear’ refers to the degradation of components consistent with manufacturers’ recommended use. Peter added, “Damage caused by carelessness or improper use – be it damaged tyres, scratched bodywork or a dented overhead guard – is simply not ‘wear and tear’. This is why we advise that dealers and customers agree what condition a lift truck should be returned in and what damage is acceptable before equipment is leased out.”

With this in mind the FLTA has created the Fair Wear and Tear Guide, available exclusively through its members. The Guide uses photographic examples of real lift trucks returned at end of contract – it shows what is and is not acceptable damage. As well as the printed version, the Guide is now available digitally from FLTA members.


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