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Globe moving: a brand not a logo

Jun 16, 2015
Globe Moving & Storage Co Pvt Ltd in Bangalore, India has a new identity. Steve Jordan caught up with its Director, Ajit Venkatesh, at the FIDI conference in Cape Town to find out more.

The new name is simply Globe Moving. The logo has been simplified too.  But anyone who knows anything about branding knows that a logo is not a brand.  A brand is everything the company does, thinks and believes.  Whatever the imagery, it is the way a company operates that creates the brand. 

Since 1971 the company has had a good reputation in its local market and internationally.  But, as Ajit explained, times are changing.  “The moving industry in India has always been somewhat inflexible,” he said. “Customers had to fit in with what the companies provided.  But that’s no good anymore.  We decided to change the way we operate.  Our new brand identity and operational model sets us apart from the less flexible companies.”

Ajit explained that the company name has been simplified as has the imagery.  At the same time it has been designed to reflect the way the company works. “The logo includes a forward-facing arrow to show that we are moving forward. It’s also a ‘greater than’ character, demonstrating our superior service.  The arrow itself is surrounded in a yellow circle signifying the Globe, protection and 360 degree solutions.”

What is possibly more significant it the new strap line: ‘The Answer is Yes’.  “We wanted the brand to reflect what makes us tick: personal service and our ability to say yes when, in the old days, we might have said no,” said Ajit. “If you don’t serve the customers, at some time they will go to competition.  Somebody will always offer the service so it might as well be us.”  Ajit said that most of their customers come to them with genuine concerns.  He said that in the past the moving industry had been unwilling to help.  “That’s why the relocation companies did so well,” he said.  “Because we said no.”

So now, no matter how tough or challenging the request, Globe Moving says “Yes”, because they never want any of their customers to be disappointed.  The price?  Well, that depends upon the complexity of the request.

Ajit also mentioned that as a part of its diversification plans, Globe Moving has recently acquired “One Touch Relocation Services” a relocation company, and now offers full-fledged DSP services across India. The group has also started a new venture, an online market place for the logistics sector.    

Photos: The Globe team and branding, Ajit Venkatesh attending the FIDI conference in Cape Town.

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