The boys done magnificent!

Jul 06 | 2015

A totally biased report of the Santa Fe football tournament by Steve Jordan, Football Manager.


It was on the beautiful Saturday 16 May that 20, six-a-side football teams, dredged from the innermost depths of the moving industry (including The Mover Magazine itself no less) descended on the Ascot Football Club for the Santa Fe football tournament in aid of Marie Curie. It was a tremendous success.

All the teams looked stunning in their company colours and a few of them, it turned out, had kicked a ball around before.  Arriving at the ground it was a little intimidating for the ‘manager’ of what was, let’s face it, an outsider entry, to see the keepy-uppy skills of the other teams’ players in the car park even before the gates opened.  They all looked very young too … slightly worrying to the more experienced members of our squad.

But it turned out they had no need to worry.  Our twenty-something gazelles were every bit the match for the highly-tuned physiques of the moving industry’s best and the older members, including The Mover’s designer Simon Taylor, did a fabulous job, ably directed by captain Graham Scott, of getting in the way whenever the opposition looked like doing something dangerous. 

First match was against Bolliger, the eventual winner of the competition in which The Mover did well to come second with only three balls dribbling past goalie Jack Ambler.  But then came modest success with two wins out of three to put us into the knockout stage for the Europa Cup.  A further win against P+H Removals put the lads into the semi-final against TEAM but that was a game too far for rapidly tiring legs.  After all, nobody expected us to get that far.

The tournament was one of those occasions when everything comes together to create a great day.  The Ascot football club looked after everyone very well; the setting, right by the seven furlong marker of Ascot race track was beautiful; the whole event was well organised; the weather was perfect; and, in my opinion, the best team won.  Teams fought hard to win, but were modest in victory and magnanimous in defeat.  Matches were played in good spirit.  Testosterone levels were running high but never boiled over into outright warfare. The referees were fair and respected. It was a thoroughly good event and, hopefully, even more companies will enter teams next year.

Congratulations to all those teams who took part and to Santa Fe for organising such an enjoyable event, particularly Daniel Bagguley who played such a leading role.  Marie Curie is indeed a worthy cause. The event, including the associated raffle and silent auction raised in the region of £5,000 for the charity. For an enjoyable Saturday kick-around to do so much to help people when they most need it is truly wonderful.  So, the boys, all of them whatever colour shirts they wore, did do magnificent (ly) didn’t they!

Congratulations to Bolliger Moving.  The lads from The Mover are in training for next year already … are you?



Photos: (Left to right) The Mover team (Back row: Pez, James, Mickie, Graham, Simon. Front row: Cheadle, Jack, Nigel) The match in action, Bolliger Moving's winning team, Pez on the ball against a well-organised opposition from TEAM Relocations.


Marie Curie

Marie Curie was a Polish physicist and chemist who did pioneering research into radioactivity.  Her achievements included techniques for isolating radioactive isotopes, and the discovery of two elements, polonium and radium.  She died in 1934 at the age of 66 as a result of exposure to radiation in the course of her work.

The charity that now bears her name offers expert care, guidance and support to help people suffering with terminal illness, and their families, get the most from the time they have left. 

The organisation provides support for more than 40,000 people in the UK every year.  2,000 Marie Curie nurses and nine hospices around the country work day and night to provide round-the-clock care and emotional support. Trained helper volunteers in some areas provide home visits, companionship and practical help with everyday tasks.

Photo: Marie Curie 

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