This has got to stop by Steve Jordan, Editor

Jul 07 | 2015

We have all seen the mayhem that was caused by the French strikers who held the transport industry and the whole of the travelling public to ransom. Some of you were caught in it yourselves. In my opinion this is unacceptable. It’s time we acted.

There are some horror stories related to this in the next issue of The Mover  but they are of course just a sample of the devastation these people are causing.  They would, of course, be delighted with the disruption and everyone is entitled to withdraw their labour; but they are not entitled to blockade roads, set fire to railways and, if some of the reports I hear are true, commit acts of wilful vandalism without penalty. If you or I did such things we’d be in front of the Magistrates the following morning.

The problem is made worse by the thousands of violent thugs trying to stow away on vehicles caught in the blockade who also seem to be able to commit crimes and intimidate innocent people with impunity.  Those caught in vehicles are let out, given a refreshing drink of water and allowed to try their luck again.  While the drivers, who are just going about their lawful business, are fined.  It’s appalling!  And, it appears, governments are doing nothing other than posturing. 

In the UK we tend to keep a stiff upper lip and voice our opinions in private.  It’s time we spoke up on behalf of the whole European industry.  From today The Mover  is turning up the volume with the intention of converting a general murmur of disapproval into a screaming demand for a solution.  I don’t know the answer; our politicians claim to know everything – let them solve it. And they need to do it now because we have had enough. 

To do so we need your help.  I need you to tell me your stories.  How were you affected? What did it cost you? How did it make you feel? What do you think should be done?  The Mover  will then amplify your opinions to demand that action is taken. 

We are not alone in this.  The RHA and FTA are also on the case as, I am sure, are many other organisations.  But movers need to add their voice to the crescendo of disapproval and The Mover  magazine is prepared to lead the orchestra. Please tell me your story.  This has got to stop.


Photo: Police open MoveCorp truck