FIDI Upgrades FAIM

Dec 13 | 2015

FIDI has recently upgraded its FAIM quality Standard to FAIM 3.1.

The new Standard has raised the bar for all FIDI affiliates by requiring them to: demonstrate quality performance in their supply chains; control data; and mitigate the risk of bribery and corruption in their supply chains. 

John Prooij, FIDI Project Manager Quality & Risk, explained that FAIM 3.1 was the next step in FIDI’s continued drive for quality in the industry.  “For quality to continue to be the watchword of FIDI and its Affiliates it is logical that we should take every opportunity to improve our global standards,” he said.  “FAIM 3.1 is the next logical step in that process, moving towards a model based on self-assessment and continuous improvement.”  FAIM 3.1 was unanimously approved by the FIDI General Assembly on 1 April, 2015.   

The FAIM 3.1 Standard is an upgrade of the previous FAIM 3.0 Standard and is still based on minimum requirements i.e. FIDI expects all FIDI Affiliates to be compliant with all FAIM requirements all the time. The new Standard remains based on a three-year on-site audit cycle and it continues to include a mandatory pre-audit assessment. In addition, a yearly internal FAIM audit is now being introduced as a prerequisite.   

Companies holding a valid ISO 9001:2008 (QMS) Certificate continue to be recognised and are able to have elements of FAIM audited through their ISO programme. Additionally, financial requirements remain a need for first time applicants only. Existing Affiliates must achieve and maintain the mandatory financial levels outlined in FIDI’s Slow Payers Scheme.  

“Not only does the FAIM Standard provide a high level quality standard for managing and performing international moving services in a uniformed, quality-minded and effective way, FAIM 3.1 responds to current industry market needs,” said John.  

FIDI started rolling out FAIM 3.1 in November.

Photo:  John Prooij.

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