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A label not a logo

May 13, 2016
FIDI is changing its well-known FAIM logo, with the tick, to what its marketing agency calls, a ‘label’.


The change is intended to reflect the emotion of trust associated with FAIM and help FIDI promote FAIM as a label of quality through the Internet using content marketing. The agency intends for the label to be used generally with the words ‘FIDI Accredited International Mover’, but it can be used on its own.  It is available in colour or mono.

The agency, BBC is Belgium, has identified FAIM as the key customer benefit of a company being a member of FIDI and is building its communications strategy around this message.  To make the message stronger the new ‘label’, it’s not a logo, is round rather than rectangular, which BBC says represents a stamp of quality more vividly than the old imagery.  The marketing will have a clear message: Don’t rely on luck, rely on FAIM.

BBC has chosen to market FAIM online as it believes this is less intrusive, and less expensive, than advertising.  It has analysed the market and identified the keywords that most people use when searching for relocations services and plans to write a large number of articles for the FIDI website that are designed to help customers and capture their Google searches, directing them to the FIDI website.  It believes that if FIDI can become recognised for being helpful to customers, and its members known for having a label of quality, the awareness of the organisation and its values will be enhanced.

Anton Loos, Managing Director of BBC, while presenting to the FIDI conference in Geneva, said that “Relevant content attracts people to FAIM at the right moment” that is when they are searching for answers to problems. 

As with any new idea there were some concerns voiced from the audience.  BBC says that very few companies in the moving industry are using content marketing as a marketing tool suggesting, therefore, that attaining a prime position on Google should be possible without great expense.  Content marketing in itself isn’t new, however, and is becoming increasingly popular so BBC will need to produce a great deal of well targeted material to be successful.  Another suggestion was that while revamping the logo (label) FIDI should have taken the opportunity to change FAIM to FAIR (FIDI Accredited International (Relocator?)) to more accurately reflect the service offering of today’s membership. That might be something for the future, but FIDI is sticking with FAIM, and its new identity, for now.

There was an acknowledgement that this new initiative was not necessarily the whole answer to achieving greater awareness of FIDI and, therefore, a higher profile for members, but it was a relevant and appropriate start that will be successful to some extent.  What further work is necessary in the future, will be for later discussion.

Photo:  Anton Loos explains the difference between a label and a logo.

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