Cut your business costs with a Green Team

May 13 | 2016

It’s reported that on average, offices waste £6,000 per annum* by leaving electrical equipment on standby. This, combined with unnecessary travel, waste disposal, water use and procurement, means that the true cost to a business operating unsustainably, is likely to be substantially more.

Steve Malkin, CEO of Planet First, provider of sustainability certification The Planet Mark , believes that the key to cutting unnecessary costs is for every business, big and small, to establish a ‘Green Team’.   

Steve Malkin said: “Engaging a core team of people within the business to focus on green initiatives has been proven to save businesses money whilst simultaneously improving sustainability awareness, essential to positive business growth in today’s world.”  

“What’s more, employees today are increasingly drawn to environmentally conscious businesses so, in this time of high employment, having a Green Team in place, makes your company much more attractive to them.  Often companies think they have to employ specialists to do this but recruiting from within can be easily managed and most frequently brings forth the best results.”  

For further guidance you can download Planet First’s guide on how to continue to manage a Green Team from  

he Planet Mark, in partnership with the Eden Project, is a sustainability certification available for all businesses, buildings and projects that are committed to improving their sustainability. 

Planet First works with many businesses, charities and public sector organisations, including Marks and Spencer, Land Securities, Bywaters and Prologis, to help them reduce their energy, carbon, water and waste. It specialises in carbon footprinting, stakeholder engagement, communications and strategy to deliver continuous improvement in sustainability.