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BAR to leave FEDEMAC

May 14, 2017
The British Association of Removers (BAR) has announced a decision to leave FEDEMAC (Federation of European Movers Associations).

FEDEMAC's main function is to express the concerns and needs of the moving industry on a European level and to co-ordinate national activities with European impact.  

Responding to the decision to leave FEDEMAC, BAR Director general, Ian Studd, commented: “Following a lengthy period of review, the BAR Board of Directors has taken the decision not to renew its membership of FEDEMAC, so ending a 40-year relationship with that Association. This was not a decision taken lightly, rather the Board discussed in detail the long history that had existed between the BAR and FEDEMAC, and considered that against recent developments in the European Union that have affected removals and storage firms in the UK. Just as Brexit now dominates our thoughts here in the UK, so it appears that the trend in Europe is moving more towards each country looking after its own political interests, with examples such as the Loi Macron in France, and the minimum wage requirements in Germany. When simplified, the main focus of FEDEMAC in recent years has been on VAT, Road Tolls, Transfer of Residence (imports) and a number of more general issues such as social dumping and urban mobility. Now that article 50 has been triggered, it is questionable, for removals and storage companies based in the UK, whether there will be any significant changes in those areas, and particularly changes that would benefit BAR Members in the UK market. FEDEMAC does of course provide information sharing and networking opportunities, however, much of this is already available through membership to other organisations such as FIDI and IAM. With regards to ensuring that an information flow is maintained about developments in Europe, as well as targeted lobbying, the BAR is building strategic links with other professional transport/ haulier trade associations in the UK that are already allocating resources to lobbying in Brussels. Given the significant cost of annual membership to FEDEMAC, and the changing needs of the BAR in light of the decision by the UK to leave the European Union, the BAR has therefore served notice of its intention to leave FEDEMAC in 2018.” 

Photo: Ian Studd

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