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Moving superheroes

Sep 04, 2018
Thoughts on the moving industry’s greatest asset, by Martin Giles, Director of Quality for Armstrong.

Moving superheroes

Moving superheroes

As strong as an ox; As tough as nails; Could lift the world; Can crush rocks with their bare hands; these are some of the phrases that I can imagine my father using if he saw some of the team members that I see each week in our business.

During my 20 years in the moving industry, I’ve always felt that one thing which has kept me so interested is this business, is that every day is different. And that’s simply because every move, customer and family are different. But despite the daily differences, there is one thing that has always been constant. Day in and day out. Through rain, hail, shine and snowstorm. In every neighbourhood, city and country around the world … I see it or am connected to it in some way.

And that one constant thing is a sense of awe that I have of the moving crews. These are the men and women at the front line of our industry. These are the people that are up before dawn each day preparing for each customer and move. These are the people that knock on our customers’ doors, introduce themselves with a smile, then quite literally, lift them out of house and home.

The sense of awe is in part because of the physical and mental tasks that they face each day. It’s also in part because they can remain so cheery (well … most of the time!), and lastly, because they remain so dedicated and committed to such difficult work. It takes a special kind of person to be a mover, and not a lot of people can do it (or at least do it well). I’ve often discussed this topic with friends, family and colleagues, and have yet to find anybody who can tell me of a more physically demanding job than being a mover. If you can … I’m all ears! 

Moving superheroesSo, in my eyes, these people are all superheroes. Regardless of the weather, how they are feeling, pressure of time constraints, upset customers or any of the myriad challenges faced, they swoop in to pick up people and their possessions, secure them for transport, and land them safely and ever so carefully either around the corner or half a world away. They stay with our customers to ensure they are okay, to help them at times when there are delays, damages, problems … they show sympathy, empathy, and offer a shoulder for customers when needed who are going through what could be described as a traumatic time … they express genuine care, attention and exude professionalism.

This is genuinely tough work and done so in the most personal of environments requiring the most delicate of touch and handling of items such as fine bone china, priceless family heirlooms, right up to heavy safes and grand pianos. All that, with a smile.

That is a lot to take every day. But the ones who stick with it and become truly professional, usually do so in a quiet, reserved and humble manner … and they are in great demand.

Clark Kent missed his calling. If he was reborn, his day job wouldn’t be a journalist, he would be a mover.

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