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Building the historical record

Apr 09, 2019


This will be the last Mover that we are sending out in printed form.  While we know that this will distress some of our loyal readers in the UK, we are really excited about the prospect of having our clipped wings freed to make the most of the digital medium.  The world of publishing is very demanding nowadays with readers requiring much more immediate news, links to additional reading, access to websites and e-mail addresses and video.  By moving with the times, as all businesses must do, we have unlocked the latest technology so we can provide our readers with a much more exciting and infinitely adaptable experience.  There are links to the digital magazine and apps on the homepage, it's free to read wherever you are.

If you have not already downloaded our app for your phone, please do so.  It really does work well allowing you to read not only the current issue but an ever-growing back library, share stories, watch videos and link with supporting information. We are very proud of it. Don’t forget, when reading on your phone or tablet, tap on the stories and they will pop out to make them really easy to read, even for us old folks.

Companies and moving associations treasure their pasts: they keep old records, photos and magazines from years gone by which provide an emotional and essential window into what has gone before. In fact, IAM has recently been involved in a mammoth exercise to gather this information in an effort to document its heritage. In the same way The Mover not only tells you what’s going on today, it is an historical record of the global moving industry going back eight years so far, building with every issue and becoming increasingly fascinating over time.  Our new digital format brings that archive to life, making it more accessible and, I believe, providing a valuable resource for the whole industry.  

This issue includes reports from ARA and IMA in Thailand. I have tried to give you a flavour of the style of each, which were about as different from each other as they could be. Anyone who tells you that all moving conferences are the same hasn’t been to many or really wasn’t paying attention.  As I write I am about to board a Boing 737 (eeeek!) to head off to the FIDI and OMNI conferences in Amsterdam and Seville.  They are different again and different from each other.  My totally objective reports will follow soon.  

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