IMA 2020: Cambodia

Sep 30 | 2019

The IMA conference next year will take place in Siem Reap, Cambodia, from 28 February until 3 March.

IMA 2020

Since its launch in 2018, IMA (International Mobility Alliance) has taken the moving and relocation world by storm with its trademark one-to-one meetings spread over an intense three-day event.  Having the opportunity to book scheduled appointments with key individuals gives delegates quality time in which they have the undivided attention of their key contacts.  It’s a hive of activity, virtually guaranteed to generate business and cement relationships with partners around the world.

IMA 2020Patricia Jade Ooi, who organises the event, is keen to make sure that IMA not only provides valuable chatting time for known contact, but also offers the opportunity to meet newcomers too.  The conference will, therefore, be studied with social events to make sure there’s a little time for relaxation and networking.

Last year IMA was held in Bangkok with 215 people attending. Cambodia looks like increasing the attendance still further.  Will you be there?

Photos: Top - Patricia Jade Ooi; Bottom - from IMA 2019.

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