Porcelain dolls and beaver puke

May 05 | 2021

Why volume discounts are making quality obsolete in the moving industry, by Larry Kruger, McWilliams Moving & Storage, Canada.

Porcelain dolls and beaver pukeIf you are working at home right now, look around your home. Take a close look at all your stuff. Is it strictly functional or do you have some sentimental feeling about certain items? If heaven forbid, there was a fire, what would you save or what would you miss?

Depending on what stage you are in your journey, you probably have some sentimental items or some valuable pieces and some stuff that you really do not give a damn about. The particle board, assemble-yourself stuff, that we lovingly refer to in the moving business in Canada as ‘beaver puke’, has a disposable feel about it. As functional, attractive, and practical as it is, not many of us buy it to leave to our grandkids. There are other items however, that if lost you would miss, possibly for the value, but also for the memories they have. Those things that make you, you.

It’s these sentimental personal pieces that mess with the algorithm. The stuff that does not lump you into a weight demographic. Your stuff is not just stuff, some of it is dear to you, some of it defines your personality, some of it reflects why you are unique. No matter how much stuff you have this formula runs true, there are some things that make you, you.

Our customers entrust us with all their possessions: the good, the bad, and the ugly ...

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