Risk analysis in the company and in life

May 05 | 2021

Sebastian Laporta from Ward Van Lines in Chile looks at how the use of a risk matrix can help people negotiate life’s difficulties.

Sebastian Laporta  It’s already been over a year since the arrival of the pandemic in our lives and businesses, and without a doubt, the impact on both work and emotional life has been very strong, to the point of being unimaginable.

I have participated, like many of you, in over 50 webinars where countless topics were covered on subjects such as: how to diversify the business, the moment to reduce staff, how to analyse inefficiencies and reduce costs, and how to face the tsunami yet to come.

But it is not easy at all. Our management style tends to be to ‘roll up our sleeves’ and we often operate under instinct, making ‘gut feeling’ decisions due to the short time we have. We are reactive not proactive.

Well, I want to tell you about a tool that has helped me a lot during this last year that many of you probably already know, the risk matrix; this matrix has become the backbone of the new version of ISO 9001-2015 ...

Photo: Sebastian Laporta.

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