Gosselin: Getting to grips with Brexit

Jul 06 | 2021

Iain Adams and Tim Daniells, Managing Director and Client Account Director for Gosselin in the UK, look at the effect of the changes for the household goods moving industry.

Iain Adams and Tim Daniells

2021 has been an extraordinary year so far for European logistics.  On 1 January, the Brexit transition period came to an end and after 4½ years of deliberation, argument and negotiation, the UK finally left the EU. 

It all seemed to be a bit of a rush in the end. Many transport operators, used to operating freely without borders, were stunned that it had all suddenly become real.  And for the household goods market, it was particularly difficult. “Most of the information we received was about the movement of commercial goods; used household goods were not really considered,” said Tim Daniells.

Everything changed, but nothing changed ...

Photos: Iain Adams, Managing Director and Tim Daniells, Client Account Director.

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