Doing it the Tippet-Richardson way

Oct 05 | 2021

Steve Jordan talks to Scott Naylor from Tippet-Richardson, probably the most iconic name in the domestic, long distance and international moving market in Canada.

Scott NaylorTippet-Richardson is currently run in the East by Scott and, in the West by his sister Brenda Naylor. It has a long history dating back close to 100 years and, with any family business that has that sort of longevity, there have been a few crossroads along the way to success.

The start of a new era
The company was started back in 1927 by Basil Tippet, CA Richardson and Russell Naylor who was a minority shareholder and the company’s operations manager. Soon after, Walter Naylor also joined Tippet-Richardson to oversee sales and administration.

Mr Richardson sold his share during the Great Depression and Mr Tippet was a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses, so Russell and Walter had great leeway to run the business. When Mr Tippet passed away, the brothers took on the ownership. Russel’s son, Peter, got involved in the 1950s with his brother, Bruce, joining some years later. Russell passed away in the 1970s leaving Peter and Bruce to run the company.

By this time the company was well established with offices in Ottawa, Hamilton, Vancouver and even in California. Peter handed over the company to Bruce during the 1980s who continued the expansion ending up with 17 offices in Canada plus its US operation. “It had become a very large and dynamic company,” said Scott.

But Scott explained that the 1990s was not a good time for the company ...

Photo: Scott Naylor.

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