Bengt Jönsson: Building again in Sweden

Jul 06 | 2022

Steve Jordan talks to Bengt Jönsson on his return to the industry

Bengt Jönsson and the team at G-Moving Bengt Jönsson is back.  After retiring from Alfa Quality Moving in Sweden three years ago, he has now returned to the industry as a partner in Global Mobility Moving (G-Moving) in Stockholm.  I was intrigued to find out more.  Here’s a guy who had achieved more than most in the industry, cashed in and moved on to live a less stressful life enjoying the proceeds of his labours.  Why did he feel the draw, once again, to start from scratch?

Well, first thing to say is that he hasn’t actually started from square one.  G-Moving is already Sweden’s largest domestic moving company with an additional strong focus on office moving.  It also has a growing international department, with experienced staff.  It is this department that Bengt is lending his experience to developing. In April 2021 the company was bought by Flyttmekargruppen AB, giving it additional commercial strength.

Bengt also has a strong team around him, many of whom have joined from Alfa, including Kenneth Egelrud, who spent over 14 years as CEO and managing director with the company. In his new role, Bengt is responsible for sales and agent relationships.  It’s a job for which he is eminently qualified, being well known on the international stage and having close relationships with many of the big corporate accounts in Sweden.

But why did he want to come back?  And why G-Moving? “I had approaches from outside Sweden to work as an employee,” he explained. “When this opportunity came for me to rejoin the industry as a shareholder, it made the difference. I like being part of developing a business the way that I want it to be developed. That was important. I had done it before, and I wanted to do it again.  That’s the exciting part.”

Bengt is enjoying being able to use his experience again, setting goals and working towards achieving them. He has no doubt that he will be successful. “I know what my goal is, and I'm going to get there, if it takes six months, one year, two years - one way or the other.”

He knows he has a good team, but he also acknowledges that he has strong competition in Sweden ...

Photo (left to right): Kenneth Egelrud, Henrik Sohlberg, Eva Johansson, Tina Kejnell, Bengt Jonsson, Anders Kubulnieks and Peter Viberg.

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