​EUROMOVERS International meets in Lisbon

Jul 06 | 2022

A report by Steve Jordan on the first EUROMOVERS Conference in three years.

EUROMOVERS Conference Lisbon

I attended my first EUROMOVERS Conference in 2011 and every year since it’s been a great pleasure to spend some time with this delightful bunch.  This year was, of course, the first face-to-face meeting since the start of the pandemic and there was a palpable relief that, at last, people could meet in comfort once again.

The event was held in Lisbon, from 12-15 May, with around 90 attendees from all over the world.  Despite its name, EUROMOVERS is far from being an exclusively European organisation.

As always, business was at the forefront of the event with a packed, day-long business session to kick-start the meeting. This included chairman and president’s reports from Thomas Juchum and Denis Zonneveld respectively; a presentation from Tobia Crisostomo on behalf of Eurovan that has been in a cooperation agreement with EUROMOVERS for the last two years; and an excellent presentation by Brielle Jones from TriGlobal entitled ‘A crash course in the customer journey’ in which she enlightened the attendees in the way that modern customers think and behave.

The afternoon of day one was take up with a management workshop handled by industry consultant Frank Liertz.  This was very entertaining, and many enjoyed the exercise immensely.  I, however, often feel that this type of hands-on training sometimes dilutes the message within the process.  But it was undoubtedly an excellent exercise in lateral thinking.

Day two gave the first-time attendees the opportunity to take to the stage to introduce themselves.  This is a regular feature of EUROMOVERS conferences and, in my opinion, one of its distinctive attributes.

So too are the awards given to members for their service quality. Companies within the network vote for each other in a system that I have never seen anywhere else.  It’s very effective and, I am sure, a great motivator for the companies involved ...

Top - Delegates visit the Invictus Relocation facility.
Middle - Tuk-tuk sightseeing tour.
Bottom - Delegates at the EUROMOVERS 2022 Conference.

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