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Fewer EU nationals considering moving to the UK

Aug 29, 2017
The growth of EU nationals looking to move to the UK has fallen in the year since the EU referendum, according to new analysis of traffic to leading flatshare site

In the 10-month run up to the referendum, the number of EU nationals considering moving to the UK was up by 14.7%, but in the same period following the referendum that dropped to a growth of just 4.35%.

The number of people looking to move to the UK from Eastern European countries is falling. In the period of July 2016 to May 2017, the number of Slovakians planning to move to the UK fell by 8% and the number of Poles fell by 5.43%. Numbers also fell in Hungary (-3.18%), Romania (-2.78%), Estonia (-2.71%) and the recently renamed Czechia (Czech Republic) (-2.21%). Out of the top 15 countries recording falling numbers, 13 were EU Member States.

Yet some EU countries are seeing rapid growth in numbers of people looking to move to the UK, including Croatia (17.83%), which has only had the benefit of free movement since 2013 and Greece (17.53%), which is suffering a financial crisis and brain drain, leading people to look elsewhere for work, regardless of Brexit.

Growth in non-EU traffic in the period following the EU referendum ran at 8.73%, compared to 19.65% in the pre-referendum period. Despite a drop in the growth of traffic from the United States (up 16.78% compared to 49.13% pre-referendum), there was a significant spike in Americans looking to move to the UK around the November election, which saw Donald Trump elected president.

SpareRoom Director Matt Hutchinson comments, “With so much uncertainty over what Brexit really means, it’s no surprise to see interest in moving to the UK from EU countries in decline. Until people know how their freedom of movement and right to reside will be affected it’s hard for them to make long term decisions.

Key Eastern European countries such as Poland, Slovakia and Romania, which have traditionally supplied large number of workers to the UK, are showing the biggest drops in traffic.


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