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New eBook from Graebel helps mobility executives

Sep 19, 2017

Graebel has issued its Definitive Guide to Strategic Mobility, a document aimed at helping corporations make sure their mobility programmes are heading in the right direction. The company says it “gives senior mobility and HR executives a 360-degree view of their mobility program’s performance, meaningful insights and actionable recommendations”.

The new eBook looks at why mobility is important: highlighting the expectations smart, globally savvy employees have for their career development; what mobility can do for a business: helping it to improve talent management, develop strategies and increase revenue; looks at who needs to be involved and how a common purpose can be developed; considers how a business can get started with its mobility programme and how this can be fine-tuned; and even looks at the future of workforce mobility in an uncertain world.

The Definitive Guide to Strategic Mobility eBook can be downloaded free from:

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