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QSS helps Rosebrock in Germany achieve recognition for sustainability

Sep 29, 2017

Rosebrock, the parent company of EUROMOVERS member ETSA in Germany, has recently been accepted as a member of the Partnership Environmental Enterprise that acknowledges the company’s commitment to sustainable development and the general goal of climate protection as a basic principle of its activities.  The membership was helped by Rosebrock’s achievement of the ISO 14001 Environmental Measures Standard, audited last year by QSS. 

The award ceremony took place on 3 July 2017 at Rosebrook’s Bremen offices in the presence of Dr Joachim Lohse, Senator for Environment of the State of Bremen.  The Partnership is a voluntary cooperative of Bremen businesses and the State of Bremen with the active participation of the scientific community. It offers a platform for cooperation to contribute to the improvement of the environment, the quality of the industrial location and to improve the economic strength of the State of Bremen.    

The Partnership is comprised of businesses from sectors across industry. It focusses on environmentally active and innovative businesses and encourages their application of voluntary environmentally beneficial policies that safeguard the needs of people today and those of future generations.  

Ulrike Joos, Projects and Quality Manager for Rosebrock explained that its ISO 14001 accreditation was not the only factor in becoming part of the partnership, but it was the most important.  “All other kinds of improvement, techniques and methods to save resources are welcome,” she said. “One of our first decisions was to change all electric bulbs in the office and also in our 7,000 sqm warehouse to LED lamps,” she explained.  “In addition, all employees take special care about waste separation as well as recycling of all kinds of waste. We have instructed all employees not to leave the electric hardware in stand-by mode after business hours. We save paper, control the usage of printer toner and recycle the empty toner cartridges.”  

Ulrike also explained that there are financial benefits to becoming greener.  For example, the use of the LED lamps has reduced the company’s power usage by 32,508 kWh compared with 2014. “We saved costs for energy of several thousands of euros,” she said.  It is also essential to some companies that their suppliers share their environmental principles.  “Customers who are ISO-certified only want to work with partners who are certified too.”  

Chris Waymouth QSS, said that Rosebrock’s recent engagement with the environmental control authorities in Bremen is a feather in the cap for both Rosebrock and QSS. ““We carried out audits against ISOs 9001, 14001 and 27001 (Quality Management, Environmental Measures, Information Security) last autumn,” he said.  “They’re an excellent company. It is always great to hear how quality standards have supported our client companies and led to their success.”  

Photo: Left to right: Ronald Schmeling, Director Moving Department; Ulrich Weichert, General Manager; Dr Joachim Lohse, Senator for Environment of the State of Bremen.

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