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Mark Olsen from Parsifal presents at OMNI conference

May 09, 2018
Mark Olsen, CEO of Parsifal Corporation, took part in the OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International) conference in Palm Beach, Florida in March.

OMNI invited Mark to an informative interview session as a pioneer and market leader in relocation technology and audits.

Interviewer Nigel Saunders (Nuss International) provided Mark with a wide range of questions to learn more about Parsifal, its services and most current technologies to explore how OMNI members can operate to facilitate their processes more efficiently. OMNI is a network of corporate moving and relocation companies operating on every continent, based in 160 locations spanning 113 cities and 57 Countries. OMNI has worked to focus its member companies to have close working relationships with organisations such as Parsifal Corporation to ensure that the relocation process is managed as smoothly and professionally as possible for the end client.

Mark Olsen from Parsifal Corporation presents at the OMNI conference“The whole audit process would run more efficiently through a better understanding of what needs to be done, as this would help our members prevent unnecessary issues from arising in the first place,” said Nigel Saunders. “We also value Parsifal’s insights into the future trends and technologies developing within the moving and relocation industry.”

Mark explained that Parsifal maintains a historic commitment to excellence in quality results for clients and differentiates itself in the industry by an ongoing drive to keep positive relations between all parties, including movers. “Achieving our brand promise of exceptional accuracy, protection and fairness is possible through the use of our innovative PAS™ Technology which is further augmented by proprietary features such as AccuScan™,” he said.

There was continued discussion about procurement software products such as MyReloWorks® and its new mobile app platform. In addition, ReloSnap™ which has recently begun a pilot program is a newly developed technology applying decades of auditing experience using Geolocation technology. Features include Time-stamping and GeoTagging through a mobile, multi-platform application, as well as a new technology that remotely focuses on shipment volumes through a Parsifal feature known as VeriCube™.

Photo: Mark Olsen presents at the OMNI conference.

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