LACMA celebrates its 50th anniversary

Jun 11 | 2019

Members of the Latin American and Caribbean International Movers Association (LACMA) gathered in Panama City in February to celebrate the Association’s 50th anniversary.

A gala dinner was held in the ‘Ruins of Old Panama’, the archeological site of the first city founded by the Spanish on the Pacific side of the continent. It was a fitting occasion to honour LACMA’s founders and twenty-seven presidents, amongst others, who have directed the Association during its first 50 years.

During the celebrations, Miguel Florez from Aviomar (Columbia) was elected LACMA President for 2019-2021.

LACMA Next, a group comprised of young LACMA members between 18 and 40 years old, continued with their support of TECHO - a non-profit organisation that mobilises youth volunteers to fight extreme poverty in Latin America by constructing transitional housing and implementing social inclusion programmes.

Patrick Heinimann, who directed the group for four years, turned the leadership over to Luis Holst of Mudanzas Mundiales, Costa Rica, who was elected the new LACMA Next President.

LACMA celebrates its 50th anniversary

Left: Anniversary dinner held in the 'Ruins of Old Panama'.
Centre: Luis Holst, Mudanzas Mundiales S.A. – Costa Rica, new LACMA Next President.
Right: Newly elected President Miguel Florez, Aviomar S.A.S. – Colombia (left) and Sebastian Laporta, Ward Van Lines – Chile.