Free IAM webinar: Tips for Getting Your Story in the Press

Jul 03 | 2019

In these days of wall-to-wall social media, many of the skills and techniques for getting a story published in the mainstream press have largely been forgotten and consequentially the chances of companies gaining free publicity in magazines, newspapers and electronic media have been severely reduced. Sadly, here at The Mover, we have to reject submissions every day.


IAM Learning webinarThankfully help is at hand in the form of a free webinar created by IAM Mobility Exchange for IAM Learning, using tips and advice from The Mover’s very own Editor, Steve Jordan.  During the seven-minute presentation, Steve explores the differences between social and mainstream media and gives 10 valuable tips on how to get your story published professionally, for free.

The webinar is available to everyone, not just IAM members, so click here and invest a few minutes of your coffee break to see how it’s done.  It could be the most profitable seven minutes of your day!