COVID-19: Heavy vehicle testing to restart in UK

Jun 26 | 2020

The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) has announced it will resume testing for heavy vehicles in the UK from 4 July.

The DVSA issued a 3-month exemption for vehicles due to be tested in June and will issue further exemptions for July tests. This will help manage demand as testing is resumed.

How does the exemption work?
The exemptions will be applied automatically.

Operators can use the MOT history service to check the expiry dates for their vehicles.

In August, vehicles that have already received an exemption will need a test. All other vehicles due for a test in August will receive a 3-month exemption. When those exemptions expire, vehicles will need to be brought in for test.

Can I get my vehicle tested?
The DVSA is working with Authorised Testing Facilities (ATFs) to resume testing from 4 July and will be increasing the availability of testers over the coming months, in line with social distancing and the latest government guidance.

DVSA will not be able to restart testing at some sites in Scotland immediately. Further information will be provided to those ATFs.