Removals company pioneering rapid COVID-19 testing

Feb 19 | 2021

Bournes in Rye, East Sussex, has become one of the first removals companies in the UK to take part in the government’s rapid workplace testing programme, aimed at detecting COVID-19 in workers who are not displaying symptoms.

lateral flow test

It is estimated that around one in three people who have coronavirus are asymptomatic and are unknowingly spreading the virus.

Bournes is using lateral flow tests, provided by NHS Test and Trace, as part of a programme to expand workplace testing in settings where people cannot work from home. Bournes has set up a dedicated in-house testing facility to provide a safe space for staff to conduct their tests twice weekly. The lateral flow tests use a self-administered swab which is analysed with an individual testing strip. Results are shown within 20-30 minutes and logged by Bournes into the national Track and Trace system.

Thomas Emanuel, Operations Director at Bournes said, “Since the start of the pandemic our primary concern has been for the safety of our employees, our customers and our local communities.”

"It has been an incredibly challenging year in balancing everyone’s safety with our ability to provide an essential service to those customers who need to move to a new house, at what is a stressful time for everyone.”

"We have made significant alterations to implement COVID-19 secure operating guidelines to do everything possible to reduce risk, and we are delighted to be partnering with NHS Test and Trace to provide workplace testing to go one step further. This not only means we can identify and better manage risk today, but also play our part in supporting the government in getting everyone’s life back to normal as quickly as possible”.

On 7 February the government widened the criteria for joining the workplace rapid testing programme from businesses with more than 250 employees, to businesses with more than 50 employees.

For more information about the workplace rapid testing programme or to register, click here.

Photo: The lateral flow tests use a self-administered swab which is analysed with an individual testing strip.