Supply chain crisis: a paper by IAM

Apr 06 | 2021

A paper, published with kind permission of the International Association of Movers (IAM).

There is currently a shipping and supply chain crisisThere is currently a shipping and supply chain crisis directly affecting every facet of international commerce; its impact far-reaching enough to touch the lives of consumers and businesses everywhere in the world. Simple solutions are not available in our interconnected global economy. While significant industry efforts are underway to highlight the issues and draw attention to them, the plight of the international moving industry and its customers will barely register as a blip on the radars of government regulators.

The intent of this paper is to expound on the wide-ranging impacts of this global crisis on the moving industry and its corporate, government, and private moving services consumers. It is IAM’s hope that this will lead all parties to have a better understanding of the problem and promote a collaborative environment where key players can find answers and solutions to this complex issue ...

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