The survival roadmap: meeting challenges as the world changes

Jun 04 | 2021

In this Q&A article, Brielle Jones, Manager Marketing and Sales for TriGlobal, gives her opinion about some of the challenges faced by moving companies worldwide as the world changes, and what they might do to meet them.

Brielle JonesWhat are the main factors that are holding back moving companies today?

Cash flow, or a lack thereof, is a key factor that sets movers apart from one another. Even though the world is still moving (despite the pandemic), it is hard to plan, especially for future investment. Movers with a financial buffer can take risks and invest to evolve their businesses, temporarily to adapt to the pandemic, and for the next generation of consumers. Movers without the cash are left clinging to old processes, limited technology, and a declining client pool.

Inefficiency is a huge factor that we need to tackle as an industry: the same or less input; greater output. An example of efficiency that has been embraced by many movers recently is the digital survey, instead of a physical home survey. A digital survey usually takes under an hour, does not require a vehicle or a driver on the road, it can be done from anywhere around the world and the supporting technology registers the input in real-time. Sending a quote at the end is then only a click away. These advantages often outweigh less personal contact when you can make a more sustainable margin. Being critical on your efficiency is almost guaranteed to increase your margin, but as a result, will also mean changing many of your internal processes. 

In what ways have customers changed and how will they continue to change in the future? ...

Photo: Brielle Jones.

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