Kenneth Hayton, still buying Scania

Sep 08 | 2021

Kenneth Hayton Removals has just put a new Scania on the road, 22 years after he bought his first. “I always buy Scania for reliability and comfort,” he said.

This new vehicle is a P280 with a Unique Van Bodies, 5-plus, step-well container body.  “Both Unique and Scania have a delight to deal with and the finished product speaks for itself,” said Kenneth.  The driver, Cain McKie, has been with the company from school and has, according to Kenneth, reinstated his faith in youngsters who so often get a bad press. “He’s over the moon with the truck.”

Both pictures show Kenneth and his wife Karen with their daughters Erin and Sara. Oh how time flies.

Kenneth Hayton and family

Photos: Kenneth Hayton with his wife Karen and daughters Erin and Sara; left - Kenneth’s first Scania, 22 years ago.