The challenge of opportunity

May 10 | 2022

Steve Jordan talks to Walt Peniuk of Premier International in Canada, not about his physical challenges for once, this time it’s strictly business.

Paul Harvey, Walt Peniuk, Dean Hefford Walt Peniuk has become a well-known figure in the international moving industry, not just because he owns Premier International in Toronto, but because of his adventures.  Many of you will remember in 2018 how he ran and rode his bike from Toronto to Washington DC, over 900Km, to attend the IAM conference.  It wasn’t because he couldn’t afford the air fare, Walt did it for charity, and for the challenge.

A year later, he went a few steps further, probably about a million steps in fact.  This time he ran the whole way from Toronto to Chicago: 14 days, 60KM a day, to attend the event.  Again, he did it for the challenge and to help others.

Why does Walt do it? He has his reasons, but he will freely admit that one reason to take on physical challenges by choice, is that they help to prepare you for those challenges, business or personal, that the universe has a habit of hoisting on you when you least expect them.

Crown Canada

So it was when he had the opportunity to buy the Crown Canada operations in Toronto and Ottawa in early 2021.  It was a time, as we will all remember, of considerable uncertainty.  Nobody had a clue how the pandemic would shape the industry.  Long-term planning was impossible.  Yet, when this iconic company came on the market, Walt was prepared to take a chance and give it a go ...

Photo (left to right): Paul Harvey, General Manager, Crown Relocations, Canada; Walt Peniuk; Dean Hefford, Managing Director, Crown World Mobility, Canada.

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