New generation digital tacho

Jun 10 | 2011

The first Type Approval certification has been gained by Stoneridge Electronics for its next generation digital tachograph.

Stoneridge Electronics has won the race to win the first Type Approval certification for its next generation digital tachograph.

Stoneridge’s next generation digital tachograph, the SE5000 Exakt(TM), is designed and manufactured at the company’s European headquarters in Sweden.  The new instrument records driving time and non-driving time in segments of a minute versus whole minute sections currently.

Trials under ’real world’ operating conditions in the Coca-Cola fleet in Sweden have shown that savings of 45 minutes driving time per day are possible in their typical multi-drop delivery work: a significant amount. This could make the difference between a driver being able to legally complete his delivery route and having to call in a reserve vehicle or driver.

“We are delighted that we have secured number one spot in the industry by getting our new generation tachograph to market first,” said Amanda Robertson, Stoneridge’s UK Marketing Manager. “We’ve invested heavily to enable our customers to enjoy the benefits of this product more than six months before the legal deadline. Operator trials, in the UK and elsewhere, are proving that there are real benefits to be gained from early fitment. That’s why we’ve developed our Comparison Website for fleets to find out their exact drive time gains.”

Although the new techograph is unlikely to make much difference to drivers of removal trucks, multi-drop baggage operators in large cities could see some difference in their available hours.

Stoneridge Electronics digital tacho

Stoneridge's next generation digital tachograph, the SE5000 Exakt(TM)