Masternaut launches patented fuelsaving CANbus connector

Jul 07 | 2011

Masternaut has launched a new contactless CANbus connector for commercial vehicles and cars.

Masternaut's MT-CANbus connectorMobile Resource Management specialist Masternaut has launched a new patented contactless CANbus connector for commercial vehicles and cars. The Masternaut Engine Management Unit (or EMU for short) collects information and reports on driver behaviour, fuel consumption and the status of essential on-board safety systems. 
Unlike other connectors the patented innovation is contactless, does not interfere with vehicle electronics and does not need access to an open FMS (fleet management standard) gateway. This means vehicles can retain their full manufacturers warranty. Masternaut’s EMU connects directly to the vehicle’s tracking/telematics box without the need for any additional kit.
Access to CANbus data lets vehicle operators identify and address the causes of poor MPG and helps to reduce running costs and environmental impact simultaneously. Users access the data using Masternaut’s web portal and can identify behaviours such as harsh braking and acceleration and wasteful engine idling. This allows education and driver debriefing based on accurate and factual information, boosting their fuel economy and reducing their operational costs.
In addition, the solution reports on the status and health of the vehicle including safety systems such as airbags, anti-lock brakes and electronic stability protection. By relaying faults to the fleet operator potential accidents can be averted and vehicles can be recalled for repair before minor faults turn into major system failures. It can even show oil levels so that it can be topped-up before the oil-light comes on inside the vehicle.
Martin Port, Managing Director of Masternaut draws attention to the safety benefits of access to CANbus data, “Serious vehicle faults can often remain unreported, as drivers can sometimes ignore the lights on their dashboard. One of our customers reported the system enabling them to recall a van that had a brake system fault - the warning light was showing but was left unreported by the driver. This could have had real repercussions for the company should the vehicle have been involved in an accident. The contactless CAN unit meant the fleet manager became aware of the problem.”
Users of the contactless CANbus connector access the data using Masternaut’s GreenerFleet solution, where driver behaviour, MPG, emissions and safety information is displayed. Individual drivers are given a benchmark score against specific eco and safety criteria which tracks their progress and improvement over time. It also draws attention to any driving events that require further attention. Management are made aware of drivers who are at a higher risk of having an accident, allowing further training. In addition, insurance companies can offer reduced premiums for companies who monitor driver behaviour and risk in this way.