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Continental LSR1+ and LDR1+: the consummate all-rounders

Sep 09, 2011
Continental’s new LSR1+ and LDR1+ play their trump card in demanding assignments with light distribution trucks. A new tread compound with improved rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption by up to 4%.
Continental has added two new tyres to its comprehensive commercial vehicle product line-up with the launch of the 17.5-inch LSR1+ and LDR1+, for steering and drive axles respectively.

Light goods vehicles need tyres that can cope with the stresses of city driving; tyres must be nimble, resistant to curb impact and be able to withstand specific overloading points. For longer journeys they must provide optimum road grip, good braking performance and low rolling resistance. Continental’s new LSR1+ and LDR1+ for 17.5 inch wheels are designed to meet the diverse needs of regional transport distribution where a combination of urban and motorway work is required.

Thanks to an all-new material compound, rolling resistance has been reduced by up to 10% without any compromise in handling and durability. All of Continental’s commercial vehicle tyres feature low-rolling resistance qualities, this helps reduce tyre friction with the road and subsequently assists in lowering fuel consumption.

The new LSR1+ and LDR1+ tyres allow fuel savings of between 3-4%, together with an overall increased mileage, thanks to low-rolling resistance technology. This helps operators achieve lowest overall driving costs with respect to tyres and because of these potential cost savings, the new 17.5-inch Continental tyres help operators achieve lowest overall driving costs.

On confined urban roads, trucks need maximum grip when cornering and the LSR1+ steering axle tyre exhibits excellent steering properties with its 3 plus 2 groove design. The closed shoulder structure allows it to withstand lateral shearing forces when cornering, while the LDR1+ on the drive axle has been specifically configured using numerous lateral openings and a high base of tread groove for optimum traction during acceleration and braking.

Both LSR1+ and LDR1+ feature Continental’s patented AirKeep® technology, which helps prevent creeping air pressure loss, while the steel cord bead and triangular belt layer maintain rigidity for low rolling resistance.

The benefits of these new tyres don’t end after the initial tread has worn, because the high-quality casings allow operators to maximise the life of the LSR1+ and LDR1+ by regrooving and retreading. In this way the tyres’ whole-life costs are kept to the absolute minimum without any compromises in performance.

Continental’s new LSR1+ steering axle and LDR1+ drive axle tyres are available in the following sizes: 205/75 R17.5, 215/75 R17.5, 225/75 R17.5, 235/75 R17.5, 245/75 R17.5 and 265/75 R17.5.

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