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LED Autolamps announces four interior strip lamps

Oct 10, 2011
The latest edition of interior LED strip lamps from LED Autolamps.

LED Autolamps, a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle LED lighting, has introduced a range of four interior LED strip lamps to complement its existing interior strip lamp ranges. 

The latest addition of interior lamps offers a three-year warranty and 12/24 dual-voltage versatility whilst being fully ECE certified. These unobtrusive, slim-line designed LED lamps measure just 10mm deep by 25mm wide and are available in 100mm (p/n 1016), 150mm (p/n 1031), 300mm (p/n 1061) and 600mm (p/n 1021) lengths. They are easy to fit and are cost-effective as they provide a long service life. 

Maurice Bibb, Commercial Director Europe, LED Autolamps said, “We are very excited about this latest series of LED interior strip lamps. They have been specifically designed for applications in fleets as well as for van converters, mobile workshops and utilities’ vehicles, where their minimal power consumption will prove invaluable.”

The lamps utilise cool white colour LEDs to simulate a fluorescent tube light and advanced optical performance to deliver maximum brightness for their minimal power consumption. Current draw @ 13.8 volts: (1016) 0.11A, (1031) 0.17A, (1061) 0.31A and (1021) 0.58A. Current draw @ 28 volts: (1016) 0.5A, (1031) 0.7A, (1061) 0.017A and (1021) 0.31A. Current draw from the equivalent filament bulbs would be significantly higher resulting in critical battery drain.

Field trials are generating exceptional interest and already winning contracts.

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