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Tough Tracker - ‘Indestructible’

Jun 25, 2013
G2M Technologies Ltd, the Leeds-based innovations company, has signed a deal to exclusively distribute Tough Tracker to the UK’s transport sector. Tough Tracker is the world’s first virtually indestructible satellite tracking device for the protection of assets.
The device is designed to be fitted to the exterior of assets used in the most demanding outdoor environments such as trailers, skips, containers and plant. It can even be welded directly to the asset to become an integral part of its structure.
The patented design includes an armoured outer shell made of an impact-resistant composite, stronger than steel, which is used in the manufacture of Formula One cars.  All the electronics are encased within this material forming a complete IP 68 rated seal.
“We have been involved in the global tracking sector for over fifteen years but we have never seen anything like Tough Tracker,” said Andrew Tillman, Director of G2M Technologies. “There are lots of devices that are marketed as asset security products but they are all manufactured in flimsy plastic housings. Tough Tracker is the first asset-tracking device that is actually fit for purpose. We have a video on our website of it being hit with a sledgehammer and after hundreds of hits it has barely a mark on it.”
James Bryan, Managing Director of Tough Tracker said, ”We have spent years developing this patented product which has been selected as a finalist for the ‘Best Asset Security Innovation’ category for this year’s Energy and Innovation Awards. We are truly excited about this partnership with G2M and believe that they will give Tough Tracker the exposure it needs to become the best-selling high-security asset-tracking device on the market.  It is a unique product that exceeds the most stringent security requirements for their customers to protect their assets.”
Photo Tough Tracker 

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