New British UV portable sanitiser inactivates COVID-19

Jun 23 | 2020

British manufacturer, Integration Technology Ltd, which specialises in making UV light curing systems for the printing industry, has launched a hand-held sanitiser that uses ultra-violet light to inactivate biomolecules and micro-organisms, including Coronavirus COVID-19.

The high-power SubZero RS-170 rapid sanitiser is designed to be used on all surfaces where there is a high-risk of public cross-contamination, such as the interiors of vehicles and rooms used by numbers of people.

Integration Technology’s Managing Director Simon Roberts said, "We had just started work on making portable versions of our products for use in markets other than just print. When the rate of spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 became clear, priority was immediately given to developing a medical application in a bid to help beat back the virus."

"UV is non-contact and allows widespread coverage, so you get greater and faster overall decontamination," he added.

The company says the RS-170 is easy to use and maintain and can be plugged into a standard electrical wall socket.

Watch the video here.