PALLITE® launches ‘Distancing at Work’ range

Jun 23 | 2020

Environmentally-friendly industrial products manufacturer PALLITE® has created a new low-cost ‘Distancing at Work’ range to help businesses protect employees as they return to work in offices and factories.

pallite-cut-out-desk-amp-keep-your-distance-screenThe range includes Screen Partitions to segregate workers who may be on a factory line or manual assembly; Sanitiser Stations to ensure the workforce and visitors follow correct hand hygiene, Table Partitions to allow office workers to safely work at their own desk and permit  the correct social distancing measures, and Silhouette Screens to redirect foot traffic and further enforce distancing messaging.

All PALLITE®’s products are made from 100% recyclable light-weight honeycomb paper and are supplied flat-packed. 

Iain Hulmes, CEO of PALLITE® said, “We feel the enormous financial pressures on businesses as a result of COVID-19 and appreciate that any expenditure to comply with the latest government guidance is unbudgeted. However, we believe our low-cost, fully recyclable range of distancing at work products allow businesses to deliver maximum protection at minimum expense.”

PALLITE® is offering bulk discounts on full-pallet quantities and short lead times on bespoke sizes. 

Photos: Examples of the new Distancing at Work range.