Voxme Art Manager

Jun 22 | 2020

Voxme, a Canadian software specialist for the moving industry, has recently launched a new product especially for the demanding and highly specialised fine arts and luxury goods logistics market: Art Manager.

max-kreyninThe software handles all the processes, from the first contact with the prospect to the online inventory and tracking portal for customers.

Max Kreynin from Voxme said that the main philosophy of the system is “enter the data once, then capture physical processes in the system and the whole thing will flow”. The Inventory app handles all the aspects of the inventory creation, adjustment, processing, detailed conditioning and scanning.

Voxme has invested heavily in a camera-based scanning technology to help clients avoid the extra costs of a dedicated scanning hardware (which is supported for high volume scanning). Word-based templates for document generation allow for very precise design of all company specific operational and management documents. The system comes with standard and bespoke integration with accounting software and external systems and buyers such as Ship Hawk or Arta.

“As far as I’m aware, there is no other dedicated fine arts/luxury goods logistics operating software available on the market,” said Max. “Unlike all other shipping or freight forwarding or warehousing businesses, fine arts logistics is all about an individual art object and its parts. That’s the key focus of this business and that’s the uniqueness of our system – full transactional management of not only an object as a whole, but each individual part.”

The system also includes a mobile application that allows full object and transaction processing down to the gallery level condition reporting, as well as non-trivial things like printing object and crate labels on the go.


Photos: Max Kreynin; Voxme Art Manager webpage