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  • The new digital Mover

    | Sep 06, 2018

    Please forgive me for talking about ourselves this month.  Last time I promised that we were on the cusp of some big changes and I am delighted to report that we have now made another major step towards bringing The Mover to the widest possible global audience.

    As you can see from our front cover and the article on page 30, we have a new digital version.  Of course we have always been online, which is the way most of our readers prefer to browse these pages, but not quite like this.  The old pdf format was OK, but tricky to read on a tablet or a phone. The new version is designed to work on any device so you can read The Mover anywhere, any time.

    An increasing number of people prefer to read magazines online.  It seems that most people spend much of their time, including leisure hours, on phones and tablets so it’s right that we make it as easy as we can for them.  It’s also true that online is much more flexible than print: it’s more immediate, it provides us with better reading statistics so we can work out what people like and what they don’t, it allows readers to cut out stories and save them or send them to friends, and it allows us to be more creative with content such as including video in the magazine itself, not just the website.  Very exciting!

    We have canvassed some of our advertisers.  Those we have spoken to are as enthusiastic as we are.  They see the benefit of better interactivity so readers can get directly to their websites, and their creative people have more, and different, advertising opportunities to get their teeth into. They also appreciate that better online access provides more ‘opportunities to see’ as the agencies say.

    But for me the key is making it as easy as we can for people to read and enjoy the magazine at work, at home, at the airport, at conference – in fact anywhere they like.  I know this new digital service will provide just that so it’s great to know that even more people will be becoming part of The Mover’s wide and expanding family.  Please let me know what you think of it.

    Next month we are going even further with a new app that will give you immediate access to the current and back issues at the click of an icon. More of that later.



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