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  • A happy New Year

    | Jan 15, 2019

    Happy New Year to you all.  As we all stumble across the line into 2019 it’s very hard not to be cautious about what the future might bring with so much uncertainty abounding.  For example, you might have noticed that we have stopped writing about Brexit as there seems little point in speculating when nobody has the faintest idea what’s going on from one day to the next.  ‘May you live in interesting times’ so the saying goes (I don’t think it’s really Chinese).  There can be little doubt that we are, though whether that is a curse or an objective is hard to say.

    2019 will be an interesting time for us at The Mover, not least because we will be continuing our development of our online offering.  Please look at my piece on page 21 extolling its virtues.  If you have not yet downloaded our new app, please do so.  It’s free, only takes a few seconds and will allow you to read the magazine anywhere, any time.  You’ll also be able to play the videos, where we have used them in the stories, making the magazine somewhat Potteresque (is that a real word?) and get direct access to advertisers’ websites.

    This month in The Mover we have included a marketing article from Bliss in Italy, rather timely in view of my rant about sales last month; we take a look at the future of transport courtesy of the speakers at the recent Freight Transport Association meeting; we look at the Australia moving industry with an interview with the trade association there; and we offer you an overview report on The Movers and Storers Show that took place in the UK in November.  As usual The Mover hosted the seminar theatre with a wide variety of speakers offering the benefit of their knowledge on moving matters. We will be going into more detail about some of the presentations in future issues, where we feel it’s appropriate.

    So, it’s January.  While our friends in the southern hemisphere juggle with the crazy season, so those further north scrape around looking for work to keep them through the winter as their vans stand gleaming in their pristinely-swept yards.  It has ever been thus.  I truly hope that 2019 lives up to the wishes expressed in those myriad cards sent over the festive period for health and happiness for us all.  Maybe as the year progresses, life will become a little more predictable.

          Steve Jordan, Editor, The Mover magazine

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