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  • A very ‘appy chap

    | Nov 09, 2018

    I have just come back from the IAM convention in Washington DC, having spent the whole four days walking around the cavernous Gaylord Convention Centre sporting my new ‘Mover’ shirts with ‘Get the app!’ written proudly across my shoulders.  Thank you so much to those early adopters amongst our readership who accosted me in bars and corridors to announce that they had already done just that.  Wonderful! It made me a very ‘appy chap. 

    It’s a bit early to say what the app take up has been as we only launched it the other day.  As I write it’s only available on Android phones but, by the time you read this, I suspect you will be able to get it from the Apple Store as well.  If you have an iPhone, have a look now if you would be so kind.

    The app is free to download.  By using the app you will have instant access to the latest issue of The Mover wherever you are.  You can also look at the back issues too so there’s no need to ever miss a word.  But the app has lots of other features too.  For example, you can share stories with your friends and colleagues, and there’s a pop-up facility that allows you to click on a story and have it appear in a clear, large font, so it’s easy to read even if your eyesight, like mine, is a bit dodgy.

    But the big benefit, as I see it, is that it makes The Mover accessible to everyone who has a phone.  So please tell everyone in your organisation to download it and keep in touch with the latest events in the industry.  I know that the hard copy, for example, would sit on the MD’s desk for most of its life, or be taken home for quiet contemplation, thereby depriving other employees of joining in the fun.  Now there’s really no excuse.  Please spread the word.  I already believe The Mover to be the most widely read publication in the moving industry, we’d like to increase our circulation even more – with your help.

    As always there’s loads to enjoy in this issue, but I wanted to draw your attention to two stories that should spark particular interest.  On page 12 there’s a piece about a company that is giving anyone the opportunity of using any spare space they have, a garage, shed or spare room, to offer as storage space.  It’s a sort of Airbnb for self storage.  Interesting!  Also, on page 16 there’s an idea about what to do with your old trucks when you can no longer use them because of clean air zones in Europe.  You can sell them to Africa where they much prefer the less sophisticate vehicles. The story is about a company in the UK, but facilitators are everywhere.  Food for thought!

          Steve Jordan, Editor, The Mover magazine

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