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How to become more successful on the Internet

Apr 18, 2017
Using the Internet to its fullest advantage to generate enquiries is essential in modern marketing. In this article, Marco Maruccia, Sales Director of TriGlobal, discusses the top trends in Internet marketing and how moving companies should be making it work for them.

In 2016, the role of the Internet as the most important market place for international removals was decisively strengthened, not only for the private market, but for business moving too.  But the traditional moving industry is changing too slowly to take full advantage of the opportunities available.  In my opinion, and of our experts at TriGlobal, here are the top five trends and developments in e-commerce for moving services. 

  1. The Internet is, and will remain, the largest market place for international removals. Google is unbeatable with a growth of approximately 10% each year. Getting a good position in this search engine requires ever more knowledge, investment and continuous optimisation. Only the companies with adequate resources will be able to sustain prime Google positions in the short and long term. 

  1. The business market is showing more private searching and buying behaviour.  This is reinforced by the trend towards smaller companies and generates more business-driven buyers outside of the contracts and preferred supplier channels. 

  1. The patience and the decision time of the clients is becoming even shorter. The client reads less, looks at pictures more and prefers to watch videos. The desire for speed requires ease of use, service simplification, transparency and the ability to compare service providers easily. The role and market position of the comparison platforms is growing because of these client demands. 

  1. Everything increasingly revolves around recommendations, both via independent review platforms and social media. Sustainable growth of an enterprise is only possible with a continuously high level of customer satisfaction, measured by independent organisations. 

  1. Communication preferences are changing rapidly. Mobile is already bigger than PC and the original voice phone is changing to a type phone: the client doesn’t want to be called but wants quick and easy communication through trusted apps such as WhatsApp and iMessage. The consumer requires access round the clock.  

What does this mean for the industry and to your company? 

The moving industry faces a new phase in its evolution. If the industry doesn’t adapt itself to these changed client wishes, new entrants will take over the contact and negotiation with the client. They will put themselves between the client and the mover resulting in the evaporation of operating margin. The moving company will only be allowed to perform the move, at the lowest rates. Preventing this requires a strategic choice to invest in e-commerce now (not soon!) – independently if you can, or with strategic partners, to maintain or increase your independence and your market position. 

Photo: The original voice phone is changing to a type phone and clients don’t want to be called but want quick and easy communication.


TriGlobal started in 2004 as a market place for consumers who are looking to move and qualified movers, it has now changed itself to a strategic partner for professional international moving companies. The company works to help its customers get the most out of the Internet. 

Left to the right: Ralf Giesen/Laura van der List/ Amin Belhaj/ Marco Maruccia

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