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New company seeks help to find hidden classic cars

Jan 04, 2018
Twin brothers Russell and Leigh Baldwin had spent most of their working lives within major global corporations, but instead of looking to retire, they decided to create a business out of their passionately shared hobby - classic cars.

Classic Auto Revival (CAR) seeks out classic cars and motorbikes that are languishing unloved in garages and driveways across the UK and Russell and Leigh are asking removal companies to help find them.

The brothers feel that an estimator for a removal company invariably gets a good insight into what a family or individual’s plans may be with regards to peripheral assets when moving. Russell and Leigh would like to create a realistic and worthwhile incentive for removal companies, whereby both the estimator and removal company receive a ‘finder’s fee’, if CAR is successful in purchasing a vehicle as a result of the lead.

Russell and Leigh are looking for a broad profile of older vehicles ranging from run-of-the-mill family saloons, to more exotic classic sports cars, motorcycles and even vans. Russell explained, “We are aiming to purchase vehicles that were on UK and European roads in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, although we do not limit ourselves to that era. The nostalgia market for all manner of manufactured products continues to grow and cars and motorbikes are probably the best example of this trend.”

Leigh added, “We estimate there could be as many as 5,000 hidden classic vehicles out there in the UK. Each one could be the pride and joy of a family member who has cherished it for decades, or it could be something that has sat unused and unloved in an old farm building for the last forty years. The point is no one really knows!”

Russell concluded, “Simply driving around the country looking for what are often referred to as barn finds, makes no practical sense – the trick is to try and tap into a resource that already has a strong tradition of direct contact with the public in their own environment – the removal industry is almost unique in this respect.”

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Photo: Russell and Leigh Baldwin

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