Bishop’s Move moves library for the University of Surrey

Apr 06 | 2018

Bishop’s Move has worked with the University of Surrey to update shelving in its library.

The University had been given the opportunity to refurbish areas of the older, original buildings to provide more modern and upgraded study spaces with new shelving for the collections. This also allowed for updating group study areas and increasing the access of power and quality audio visual equipment.

The project started in 2016 with Bishop’s packing and relocating 500 linear metres of books to its local storage facilities. Once completed the old, grey, narrow shelving was removed and new, modern, white shelving was installed over the summer break. The books were then returned.

In 2017, Bishop’s moved a much larger area. Over two weeks in June the company packed and relocated 2.5km of books off site; a further 3.4km were simultaneously relocated on site and items of furniture were moved to other areas in the library. All items were returned to their original locations following refurbishment work.

Stuart Philp, Bishop’s Move’s Business Relocation Director commented, “As with all our moves, this challenging project was delivered on time and on budget through applying our philosophy of ‘good planning and communication ensures the move itself is the easy part’.”

Photo: Bishop’s Move staff at work in the University of Surrey.