Sailing into the future

This month we have an issue packed with information, entertainment and a few surprises perhaps.  I’m happy with that kind of eclectic mix that means we have, I hope, something for everyone.

We talk about how family businesses have faired particularly well during COVID and may well lead the rest of us out of the crisis. I talk about what I see as the imperative to promote the younger generation as quickly as decency allows. Our friends at TriGlobal look at the future of digital marketing. I give you my first ever interview with Lynn Shotwell from WERC, that looks at how mobility has changed. Sterling Lexicon talk about the new world of work that we have all been thrust into. And we have a major interview, by Rennie Schaefer of the SSA, with a key player in the self storage industry.  Plenty to go at.

But there are two stories that have really surprised me this month.  The first is a report from Graebel that claims more people want to move internationally now than before the pandemic.  This I found hard to grasp so I contacted the company and interviewed Casey Phelps, SVP of Client Services, to check.  Seems it’s true.  Read the story, you’ll be as amazed as I was.

Then there is the most extraordinary story of all.  Take a squint at page 18 and you’ll see a picture of a cargo ship, with sails on. Sails!  On a ship! Whoever would have thought.  Now my memory isn’t what it used to be but I’m sure I’ve seen this somewhere else.  Correct me if I am wrong, but was there not a time when all cargo ships had sails?  Read the story though and you’ll see it really is quite clever.  It’s not the sailing that’s difficult, it’s doing it without any crew to break out the top gallant or raise the spanker.  And another thing, if the sails are fixed, how do you stop it when you reach port when you can’t drop the main or furl the jib?  Curious.

All taken, this is a very forward-looking issue.  Never mind what’s gone before, it’s all about the future.  I hope you like it that way.

Finally, I wanted to welcome the new advertisers that have joined us in the last month or two. It’s really nice to have you along.

Steve Jordan, Editor, The Mover

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