Here we go again

Just when we thought we might be seeing COVID-19 receding over the horizon in our rear-view mirrors, so it reappears blocking the road ahead once again. As I write this most of Europe is back into lockdown with the prospect of weeks of uncertainty for everyone, and real trauma for some. At least, for the most part it seems, the moving trucks will continue rolling.

Then we have the delights of the US election with Messrs Trump and Biden in their last throws of campaigning as I type. Four more years or time for a change? Now where have I heard that before? For movers, the outcome probably makes little difference except to say that the industry thrives on change, what it doesn’t like is for things to stay the same.  We’ll see.

And, of course, there’s Brexit.  Are we still going on about that?  It seems like years … oh, it is years since we had that momentous vote back in 2016 and we still have little idea what we are supposed to be doing about anything.

But then it probably doesn’t do to dwell.  Movers are a stoic lot.  Years on the road, dealing with problems as they appear, has made us pretty good at ducking and diving. People often say that they ‘like a challenge’.  I never did believe them.  I think most people would be very happy never to see a challenge ever again if they were honest.  But, faced with one, movers do seem to have the right mindset to overcome it.

Maybe that’s because, when the chips are really down, they have the ability to roll up their sleeves, get their heads down and just crack on until the job’s done. Yes, I think that’s it. Rather than get distracted by all the hubbub that’s going on around them, they just focus on the goal, and forget everything else. It’s a great talent. Sailors are good at it too. When you are far out at sea, and something needs doing, nobody’s coming to help. It’s down to you and, as the good people at NASA famously said, ”Failure is not an option.”  “Never mind can’t … get it done,” as my mother used to say.

So, let COVID, Brexit and the American electoral system do their worst. The movers of the world will see it through and, I suspect, will do it with a smile.

Steve Jordan, Editor, The Mover

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