We meet again

It seems forever that we have been wondering when we will meet again.  Well, it seems that we have the first dribblings of a return to normal service as moving conferences begin once again to take to the stage.

While PAIMA has, sadly, found it necessary to cancel its annual conference in October, IAM is pressing on regardless.  That said, IAM is not expecting a record turnout, in fact I suspect it is not expecting many visitors from outside the Americas.  It is also hedging its bets by including a virtual event as well, which seems a sensible idea.  I might argue that it’s a sensible idea anyway, even without COVID, as it will give many more people the opportunity to take part in and enjoy a very different experience.  Unfortunately, I won’t be making the trip to Orlando, mainly because Uncle Sam won’t let me in, but I will be there in spirit – and online.  PAIMA too is doing its best by organising a get together for those members who are attending IAM as the events run consecutively.

Closer to home for me is the BAR Young Movers conference that’s gracing Belfast at the beginning of October and the BAR’s CMG (Commercial Moving Group) conference a week later in Shakespeare’s Forrest of Arden.  I am delighted to be going along to both of those.  I trust all those attending will, like me, be fully jabbed so we stand a fighting chance of surviving the experience.

The Movers and Storers Show makes a welcome return to the UK at the beginning of November and, I am pleased to say, The Mover will again be taking an active part by running the Seminar Theatre and taking a few candid photos for everyone to enjoy.  You’ll be delighted to know that I have dusted off my trusty Canon, charged the battery and taken a post graduate course on how to drive it, so all should be well.

Finally, the ATA (American Trucking Association) will be staging its first event for its Moving & Storage Conference in Austin, Texas in mid-November.  This group was spawned from the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) and I wish the organisation well with its inaugural event.  I’m just sorry I can’t be there to report on it this time.  

So, well will we meet again?  It seems about now would be good.

Steve Jordan, Editor, The Mover

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