AIM offers free first-year membership to new members

May 09 | 2018

The Association of Independent Movers (AIM) is offering a full year of free membership to new members until 31 August, 2018.

The decision to waive the first year’s membership fee was made at the Directors’ Meeting in February and was first announced on 1 March via social media.

The offer does not include assessment fees, vehicle stickers, feedback cards or any new marketing materials introduced during the free membership period. However, new members will have access to the Members’ Hub, document downloads, members’ meetings and other benefits enjoyed by existing members, such as the use of the AIM logo and a company profile page on the AIM website.

Director General, Scott Rust said, “We’re very happy with the response so far, but feelScott Rust there are movers that are deterred by the membership criteria. They shouldn’t be. Although we won’t change the criteria to suit applicants, we will always help applicants to meet the criteria.”

 “It’s better for AIM if new members renew after the first year because they want to, rather than through a contractual obligation, so membership will not be automatically renewed and can be cancelled at any time,” said Scott.

Photo: Scott Rust