Allt i Transport is merging with G-Moving

Aug 14 | 2018

Allt i Transport & Spedition AB (AiT) is acquiring G Moving, a part of G-Solutions (Global Freight Solutions AB) and STL Group in Gothenburg.

The companies are merging because with their combined expertise, production capacity and client base they will have the capacity to match even the most successful companies in the industry on an international level.Per Hanssen

AiT began operations in 2003. Some examples of AiT’s large, current clients are: Stockholm County Council, Uppsala Municipal Council and the Enforcement Authority.

G-Moving specialises in international moving and is a part of G-Solutions (Global Freight Solutions AB) and STL Group. G-Solutions was established in Gothenburg in 2006 to provide freight forwarding and door-to-door delivery. Over the years, G-Moving has worked with many large, international clients and is now the primary supplier for a number of multinational corporations and embassies.

AiT can see extensive and clear synergies with this deal. “This merger gives us everything we need to be able to match the most successful companies in the industry, including the international removals,” explained the CEO of AiT, Per Hansson. “G-Moving’s impressive experience in international moving, together with AiT’s huge production capacity, make us a comprehensive partnership. Our driving force is to facilitate our clients’ next steps by responsibly creating seamless transportation across Sweden and the world, eliminating burdensome administrative work and making sure that those who move with us are at home in their new destination. Now we look forward to being able to provide even better moving services, entirely in line with our driving force.”

He continued: “We see no reason to change what G-Moving does and creates now; rather, it will be ‘business as usual’ throughout this process.” G-Moving is expected to continue the success story it has enjoyed so far both in Sweden and beyond. Meanwhile, AiT wants to further develop and refine its services, both on the administrative and the product engineering side. Both parties are confident that this will be fulfilled by the acquisition of G-Moving.

“The deal will have positive effects for existing and new clients alike, in terms of long-term development and powerful consolidation,” explained the CEO of G-Moving, Johan Moerth. “A complete range whilst maintaining quality and service, both locally and internationally.” 

The combined operations will be brought together under the G-Moving name. In late autumn 2018, G-Solutions shareholders will also be offered shares in AiT to build a sustainable and long-term alliance. The business will initially have more than 5,000 clients, spread across 3,900 jobs per year and an annual turnover of approximately SEK 150 million.

Photo:  Per Hansson