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30 years for Mudinmar in Spain

Sep 07, 2018
Grego Martínez, CEO of Mudinmar Mobility in Spain, tells the story of how his company started as it passes its 30-year anniversary.

30 years for Mudinmar in Spain

It was 1 September, 1988 when brothers José and Gregorio Martínez woke up tired, not having slept much, thinking of how their day would turn out.  At 6am they lit their first cigarette with an espresso, they climbed into their old Barreiros lorry and headed to the port of Valencia. It was a sunny day, and they could feel the sea breeze on their faces.

Suddenly, they noticed the shadow of a blue, 20" container from the Contenemar business, and the docker told them to move the old Barreiros a little further forward. The transtainer dropped the container gently, closed the twist-locks and the Barreiros headed to the warehouse where they were to load the belongings of D Adolfo Tejerina, an Air Force captain, who was destined for a base in Gando.

30 years for Mudinmar in SpainThis is how what we today call Mudinmar Mobility began, with an idea, a dream, and with the aim of advancing as a family company. Our story has allowed it to become one of a few benchmark companies in Spain. Through this 30-year history, we have achieved a lot of success, but we have also suffered failures: bad investments, abandoned projects, economic crises, accidents, the loss of colleagues, etc. It's interesting that the most united we have ever been has been during these bad times, in which family always acts like a reed that bends but never breaks.

Looking back, we are very proud that we were able to help so many families and companies achieve their goals of moving to new cities. We are grateful to all of our employees, our clients and our suppliers who help us to achieve our goals on a daily basis, and we feel especially thankful for the families that support us, that miss us when we are far away, and that love us when our expectations are not fulfilled.

30 years for Mudinmar in SpainAnd so we continue, bettering ourselves day by day, being persistent in our convictions and following our dreams, just as our founders began on this journey in the summer of 88.

"The real travelers are the only ones who start to leave; light hearts, like balloons, never pushing aside their fate, and, not knowing why they always say: Let's go!" Charles Baudelaire, 19th Century French Author.

After nine days of transit the container arrived at the port of Luz in Gran Canaria, the Martínez brothers waiting at the Civil Guard post, with the t2l in his hand, ready to carry out the customs clearance. Once free, they headed to the Agaete hills where the Captain's family were waiting for their belongings. The delivery went so well that Captain Tejerina recommended us to the Air Force, to carry out all moves to the Airbase. Mudinmar Mobility had begun its journey.

30 years for Mudinmar in Spain

Photo: The staff of Mudinmar Mobility and Gregorio Martínez (inset)

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