Crown library service

Nov 11 | 2018

Crown Records Management has launched a new service to libraries allowing them to retrieve archive material on demand. The service is designed to support university libraries, museums, and any organisation that requires storage of books and pamphlets.

Nick Barratt DirectorThe new library storage service will employ the same systems as Crown’s archival programme through which clients’ books are stored in PH-free packaging materials. Books are classified by series and volume to ensure swift and seamless retrieval. Service users will be able to order books online with deliveries possible up to twice per day.

The launch follows a highly successful two-year pilot with Senate House Library, the central library for the University of London, which has 30,000 student members and more than 300 visitors per day, who access millions of books and journals, digital resources and study spaces.

David Fathers, Regional General Manager of Crown Records Management, commented: “Libraries are under intense pressure, both in terms of space and funding, with many experiencing a spike in user numbers too. It’s been very fulfilling to work with the University of London to collaborate to produce an innovative solution to the challenges they faced and we now hope to be able to support many other libraries across the UK in the same way.”

Over 7.5km of books belonging to the University of London are now managed in one of Crown’s secure facilities.

Nick Barratt, Director, Senate House Library commented: “One of the greatest measures of success has been that the students are not even aware that many books are remotely stored by our trusted service partner.” 

Photos: Nick Barratt