Marathon-man Chris runs to save the African rhino

Dec 19 | 2018

For most of us, running a marathon is a daunting prospect, but for Chris Green from Premier Relocation UK, running just one marathon is no more than a walk in the park.

Chris as Rhino man in New YorkThis year Chris plans to complete 12 of them, and just to make it a little more difficult, he’ll be wearing a rhino suit as well! No, he’s not mad really, it’s all part of Chris’s campaign to raise funds and awareness to help save the hundreds of rhinos killed by poachers in Africa every year for their horns.

“It’s a cause that’s been very close to my heart ever since I had the opportunity of seeing rhinos in Kenya when I was just 10-years-old,” said Chris. “It was an experience that sparked a life-long love of the rhino and as they face a dire threat to their very existence I wanted to make some kind of contribution that helps protect this magnificent species for future generations.”

Not content with just running a mere 26 miles, Chris also takes part in a number of so-called Ultra Marathons where he sometimes runs more than 100 miles over a 48-hour period; although not always wearing his rhino suit.

Next year Chris will again take part in the London Marathon dressed in his unmissable costume, and by the end of 2019 hopes to have completed a total of 50 gruelling Ultras, Marathons and Rhinothons during his fund-raising campaign.

Chris would like to thank everyone who has helped him during the past year, especially Premier Relocation UK, for their continued support.

 If you would like to donate to this very worthwhile cause, please visit the website below.

 Photo: Chris as Rhino Man in New York